‘Smarketing’ harmony: Bridging the gap between sales and marketing teams in pharma and the healthcare industry

In this episode, we’ll be trying to understand why conflict can arise between marketing and sales teams. We’ll also be exploring the roles of each team, and how to work together successfully and harmoniously. Our special guest is Kevin Maples, founder of Trapezie, who will share his personal insights into the challenges that can arise when marketing and sales aren’t aligned on brand strategy, and—more importantly—how these can be overcome.

How to create amazing virtual event experiences

Claudia Goss, Virtual Events and Experiences Director at Brandcast Health will explore what virtual events and experiences have become, what they will become and, most importantly, how they will fit into your omnichannel digital marketing strategy. She’ll be covering goals, analytics, community, and the best platforms to help you get started. This is a must-listen for all healthcare marketeers!

Scrum down and get stuff done. Why should I consider an agile approach to project management?

How many times have you started a new project or initiative that represented genuine business value or opportunity, only to find that 6 months later there is still nothing tangible actually achieved?

Featuring special guest Tom O’Brien from Sprintmodo (www.sprintmodo.com), I hope this episode will inspire you to streamline aspects of the way you work, become more productive, meet more of your goals, and feel more satisfied with a week’s work.

Let’s get social. And let’s make it meaningful

Today’s podcast features Manu Field, Social Media Strategy Leader, Global Product Strategy, Roche Pharmaceuticals. We’ll be talking about the regulatory and cultural challenges around social media that the pharmaceutical industry face.

Welcome to the world of digital therapeutics

In this episode I’ll be talking to Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer at Almirall about digital therapeutics. What are they? What is pharma’s role in their development? And how will they be prescribed by healthcare professionals? Find out here!

Introducing the Biopharma Revolution Podcast

This series is for anyone who is working in or interested in the world of biopharmaceuticals. Dan Buckland, Associate Director of the Creative and Digital MedComms Agency, Brandcast Health, introduces the BioPharma Revolution Podcast! This episode will tell you what to expect from the series, and the value that it will bring to you.