Integrating omnichannel into medical affairs to drive HCP interaction

Liselle Mulcaire

5th May 2023

In this episode, we’ll dive into how omnichannel strategies can be integrated into the world of medical affairs. We’ll explore the connection between omnichannel and customer experience, and the importance of widening the focus from just sales and marketing to encompass other teams that can engage with HCPs. We’ll also explain why healthcare brands should be viewing omnichannel from a people perspective, rather than a tech perspective, and the opportunities this can create. Our guest is Liselle Mulcaire, thought-leader in medical affairs digital transformation and omnichannel strategy, with experience incorporating digital channels within the pharma industry. She joins Brandcast’s Company Director, Dan, and Director of Scientific Services, Raffaella, to discuss why medical teams will be at the core of digital transformation, and the opportunities this presents for wider team.

Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)
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